Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome To The Stray Dog Blog

STRAY DOGS! They are everywhere... or are they? That's what this blog seeks to find out and we need YOUR help. Two years ago we stumbled upon stray dogs in my community - in an upper middle class community we didn't think we had any. So it makes me wonder what its like in other places in the world.

I chose to focus on dogs as a personal point - nothing against cats, that will be our next blog - one step at a time!

Please (please!) fill copy and paste below into your email and email me at latejulyanimals @ gmail .com (remove spaces) I will only post entries that have pictures of stray dogs in their communities (photos of stray dogs that have been adopted are OK, or former stray dogs, but I need at least one photo of stray dogs being.. well stray) The first to submit will receive a package of postcards of stray dogs from our area courtesy of Late July Photography

You do not have to be a dog expert, or know anything about dogs to submit - I want to hear from anyone. Hopefully we can also shed some light on some great people doing awesome work to make a difference in these animals lives!

Where: (Town/City, Country)

(Just your first name or nickname)

What type of stray dogs:
(What types of breeds, mixes, ages)

What is the population like where you are:
(Non-existent, out of control, moderate etc.)

How are stray dogs dealt with and treated:
(Taken to shelters, adopted out, shot, ignored)

Are there any illnesses or disabilities stray dogs face in your area?
(Frequently hit by cars, certain worm infestations, pollution etc.)

How socialized are the stray dogs?
(Very, not at all, run in packs.. etc.)

Is anyone in the community trying to help the dogs?
(Organizations, individuals running private shelters)

Are there any spay/neuter programs where you are?

Other things you'd like to add:
(Whatever you want to say)

Please attach a link to photos OR attach them to the email. Look forwarding to hearing from you!

Rules of give-a-way:
1) Must answer all questions above in full.
2) Must submit photos of your communities stray dogs, facilities for stray dogs, things along those lines. It can not just be a photo of your dog on a couch that used to be a stray :)
3) Must submit for this give-a-way by Monday February 16th, 2009!!!


Salzanos said...

Good for you! I have raised and trained animals since I was in my teens. I love all creatures. Dogs are so faithful, so kind. It is owners that are the problems not the dogs. I could tell you horrific stories of abandoned or neglected pets. A police man had to shoot a pit here not long ago. I applaud your site. I am just now putting up new informative articles on squidoo to help people understand dogs, pets etc. I will keep your blog to point others too. And link to this site from

AngelicAmethyst said...

I wish there would be a lot of people like you to help and adopt abandoned pets.Thanks for sharing this!
Just want to share about Daring to Love Stray Dogs in Nepal